Work in Progress Wednesday – February 14 2018, plus Giveaway


I’m working on way too many things at the moment, everything pictured above is just designs of my own – and I think I’ll stick to them until I made a noticeable dent. 

Now you probably want to know what all of this is, right? Here you see two shawls, a bookmark, a cowl and a tube sock in various stages of progress.


This beauty in a gradient yarn has been submitted to Knotions and will most likely appear in their April issue – which means I really, really should finish knitting and writing the pattern for it before the end of this month. I’m not showing you all of it just yet, because I want to keep the finished pattern a bit of a surprise.


The second shawl is a lot simpler, made in DK weight. It will be a triangle shawl, suitable for beginners, but interesting enough to be a quick knit for more experienced knitters too. I am almost done with the sample for this one and might need test knitters within about two weeks from now.


Then there’s two pairs of tube socks on my needle – the purple ones are for me and the colourful ones for the daughter of a friend. They are samples for a tube sock pattern that will range from newborn size to adult L – it will be based on my Spiralling tube socks for toddlers, a pattern that is currently free at my Ravelry store. Toddler size will be updated once I finished the graded pattern, but will stay free. The fully graded pattern will be for sale and doesn’t just contain more sizes but two options for the cuff and toe of your socks as well.


What else could this arrow be inspired by, but my favourite archer, Hawkeye? That’s why it HAD to be made in purple. I am a bit further along right now, just need to add the fletching to the arrow, and I’ll have a new book mark. If you want one too, there will be a test soon – and of course afterwards a pattern at my store.

I know, there was one more in the initial picture, but as I don’t plan to work on it right now, I left it out – the blog post is long enough as it is.

Well, not quite long enough, because I have something else for you:

Giveaway for Valentine’s Day!


First prize:

My complete Dragon collection – well, the three patterns that are available now, with the last two coming to your library as soon as they are released.

Additional prizes:

Four more people will win a free pattern of their choice from my store in the form of a coupon that will be valid for the rest of this year – which means you can wait and see what else I will publish this year, if you don’t want to decide just yet.

To be entered to win, you can:

  1. Leave me a comment: which of my patterns would you most like to win? (1 entry)
  2. sign up for my newsletter – all new subscriptions from today on will be entered (1 entry)
  3. follow me on Instagram, Twitter or like my FB page and leave a comment here with your account name (you don’t have to be a new follower) (up to 3 entries)
  4. share this post on your social media of choice (with link) and leave me a comment with a link to your post (1 entry)

Each of those will give you one entry, but each can only be done once (or once per social media, in case that you follow me on those) – so you can get a maximum of 6 entries.

Among all entries, I will draw a winner on Sunday, February 18 at around 7 pm (German time).



8 thoughts on “Work in Progress Wednesday – February 14 2018, plus Giveaway

  1. Awesome WIPs Yvonne! I really look forward to seeing more of those shawls 🙂

    And such an awesome giveaway! I love all patterns from your Dragon collection, but if I have to choose a favourite it would be your Storm Dragon shawl. But I’m very curious about the next 2 patterns from this series.

    I just signed up for your newsletter. Already following you on IG (cosmic_kaat) and I just liked your FB page too 🙂


  2. The pattern I would most like to win is the Fire Dragon Shawl. Signed up for newsletter with my gmail account, already liked on FB (linked with this comment), already follow on IG (both my personal and knitting accounts, smiley_netta & nettasnookknits) and already follow on Twitter (@smiley_netta), Shared this post through FB.

    I am super excited to see how your next to shawls look in their entirety! 😀


    1. The Aran weight shawl hopped off the needles today and I hope to get it blocked this weekend – so you’ll get to see that soon. Thanks for participating, and who knows, maybe you win the whole Dragon collection and not just the Fire Dragon shawl – you chances are still very good.


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