Weekend Question – Colours

Weekend Question fav colour

I think we all have our favourite colours and colour combinations, and I find myself buying yarn in those colours much more often than in other colours.

For me, it is actually two colours, or either of those in combination with black or grey.


For quite some time, purple used to be my go-to colour, mostly just purple, sometimes with black and other colours mixed in. This is just a few of the purple items I have made over the years, and I still love every single one of them:

  • Sugar Maple by Carina Spencer, knit in a cotton gradient yarn by Bunte Wollmaus, colourway Galaxy – unfortunately the yardage in the pattern was off for me, so I could not use all of the gradient, it was supposed to go back to black again.
  • Muscari Newsboy Hat by Elitza Chernaeva, worked in Lana Grossa Linea Pura Vero, colourway 3, purple. I’ve made this hat twice already, once in purple, once in black
  • naru bracelet by talitha kuomi, knit with a leftover of Pro Lana Ocean in colourway 43, with a fancy button from my collection of old buttons
  • I love Arrows by Handarbeitskram, which had to be in purple, because my design idea was inspired by Hawkeye. Knit in a generic microfibre yarn in variegated purple
  • Quibble by Amanda Woeger, knit in King Cole Bamboo solids DK in colourway 524 Damson

As I said, I still love my purple things, but since I dyed my hair bright red, I am making more items in another colour.


I always liked the colour red, but I didn’t use it as much as purple… now, with my new hair colour, I like it better to wear red, so I’m obviously knitting more red things. Though there will definitely purple items in my future too, I just like the colour too much not to use it at all.

Again, you can see a handful of examples of what I knit in red yarn in the last few years:

  • Fire Dragon shawl by Handarbeitskram, knit in Cottonflowers Gradient 3ply, colourway 100
  • Carole Landis Sweater by Brenda Castiel, knit in King Cole Bamboo Cotton Solids DK, colourway 1812, cinnamon
  • 167-2 Becca by DROPS design, knit in Lana Grossa Linea Pura Bamboo Solids, colourway 002 dark red
  • Isosceles by Amanda Woeger, knit in Woll Butt Versailles in colourways dark red and off white
  • Acute Angle shirt by Handarbeitskram, knit in Wollfactory Lola 4fach, colourway Dark Fire

Now that I have shown you my favourite colours and what I made with them, I am curious… do you have colours you use again and again? What are they? Do you maybe have a link to some of your projects? I love to see what other people create.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Question – Colours

  1. My colour is blue – mid to mid/dark blues. Sapphires & cobalts especially. Often mixed with other jewel colours like, ruby red & emerald green. Other colours that I love tend to either on the red side of blue (blue-purples) or on the green side (teals – not turquoise – and sea greens).

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