Hats for the Homeless


I love to knit hats, but everyone in my family already has more than enough… so I keep knitting them for charity.

Today, I had to go into town for a doctor’s appointment, so I packed the 11 hats above to gift them to the homeless I always see sitting around. I only got to give away three of the hats, but the weather was miserable and there weren’t that many homeless around and I didn’t want to wander about for longer than I had to.

Apart from one person, everyone was very pleased about my offer, even if they didn’t need a hat – a few pointed out they had hats in their bag and didn’t need another one, but told me where I might find someone else who could do with one. And when they realized I was giving them handmade hats and a choice of what I had in my bag, they all were happy and thanked me for going to ‘all that effort’, which I don’t think it is.

My only slightly strange experience was one woman, who was clearly begging for money, but when I offered her a hat she looked at me as if I was crazy and turned away from me.

Apart from that, it was great to see a few people smile because of me and I hope I made their day a bit better.

Do you knit for charity too? If yes, where do you donate your items to?


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