Yarny goodness


During my vacation in London I of course had to stop at a yarn store – much to the annoyance of my son. I decided to go to I Knit near Waterloo station and browsed their selection. So many beautiful yarns, and a lot of handdyed ones too. Made me almost happy that I can’t work with animal fibre any more, or picking just one would have been almost impossible.

But their handdyed yarns come on a silk base too, or on a silk/sea silk base and I picked the latter. ‘This is the Sea’ is the name of this shiny, soft yarn base, and this semi-solid grey spoke to me. I think it will be turned into a London inspired shawl at the beginning of next year.

Once I knit it up, I will be able to give you a better report on the yarn, but so far I love how it looks and feels on the skein.


Then I met with my Ravelry friend and fellow designer Kirsten McTeer, who surprised me with this beautiful set of handmade stitch markers – she clearly paid attention to my favourite colours. Thanks again, Kirsten.


Yesterday, I received a long awaited swap parcel, which was delayed by postal services for almost three months. International shipping can be so much fun *insert eyeroll here*

But it did arrive and was unharmed. I now have new to me HiyaHiya knitting needles, more stitch markers, Puppy snips (which seem to have escaped the picture taking), tea, maple candy (which is delicious), Pez for my son and of course beautiful yarn.


The picture of the whole swap parcel did not do the yarn justice, so here is a slightly better one – purples are extremely hard to photograph for some reason.

The yarn is handdyed Tencel by Teresa Ruch Designs in sport weight, no name for the colourway given. The colours are gorgeous, more reddish-purple than the picture shows, but I failed to properly capture them despite taking a dozen pictures.

Keep your eyes open, to see what I will make from it, I am not quite sure yet myself.

Now excuse me, while I try to finish the Helios Dragon cowl, the third design in my Dragon Collection. Thanks to my vacation and some dropped stitches, I fell behind on my self-posed schedule, so I need to hurry to get it done now.


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