Vacation in London

My apologies for being so quiet, but I was on vacation in London with my 13 year old son. I’ve been in London a few times before, but he wanted to go too – not the best decision, as he severly underestimated the amount of walking around involved in a city trip and wasn’t interested in much but huge stores like the Lego Store and the science museum.

my son
My son, bored as on most of the trip, and annoyed that I had to take pictures of him all the time

On Monday, we arrived around noon, found out B&B in Camden, rested a bit after the flight and then walked around the city centre.

church in Camden
Church near our B&B in Camden

We decided to do our shopping trip with a stop at Forbidden Planet, the M&M store and such on that day, because it all is close together and travelling is always exhausting.

living statue
me with a living statue, who insisted that we take a picture with her after I gave her some money

Dinner was had at Nando’s, which was around the corner from our B&B, but it was rather disappointing since they had trouble with their oven and my sweet potato wedges were burnt. And if I think back on previous visits, I remember them being a much better value than they are now.

M%M store
My son at the M&M store

On Tuesday, we visited the Science Museum, which I found more interesting than my son did – but he liked the VR experience of landing a Soyuz capsule. I did some knitting while I waited for that to finish. I can’t do VR, I always get dizzy and nauseous from it.

weaving loom
Hand weaving loom with jacquard machine, ca. 1825, at the science museum
My son waiting for the VR experience

In the afternoon, my son wanted to rest at the hotel, so I went out to explore the area near the hotel for a bit on my own. I walked to Camden Market, enjoyed looking around and found a pair of Dr. Marten Mary Jane’s that I wanted for ages. Afterwards, I picked my son up and we walked back to Camden Town for dinner, which we had at The Diner – I can only recommend that. Despite the place being packed around dinner time, we had fast, friendly service and the food was great.

new shoes
My awesome new shoes, which were much less expensive than they are in Germany (shhh, don’t tell anyone that they are children’s shoes)

Wednesday was reserved for a visit with a knitting friend of mine, who lives near Greenwich, so we took the river bus to Greenwich and walked around with her.

view from the river
View from the river bus on our trip to Greenwich
knitting friends
Me and my friend Kirsten in Greenwich

They were filming something at the Royal Naval college, but we couldn’t make out much and didn’t see anyone even remotely famous.

Royal Naval College
View at the Royal Naval College from the Observatory in Greenwich

I liked walking up to the observatory and later walking through a tunnel underneath the Thames, my son was grumpy because I forced him to go somewhere where I wanted to go… teenagers.

24 hour clock at the Observatory in Greenwich
24 hour clock at the Observatory in Greenwich
Tunnel underneath the Thames

After we went back to London, my son wanted to go back to the hotel again, so I sat down at a nearby Costa for a nice cup of coffee and some knitting, while I did some people watching. I like that much better when I want to sit down for a while than going back to the hotel, because I can see all the different types of people that walk around in a city like London. For dinner, I dragged my reluctant son to Camden Market, but he ended up liking all the different stalls and the choice of international food. Was actually a great end of that day.

Camden Market
Camden Market at night

Thursday was our last day already, and since my son couldn’t decide on anything he wanted to do, we went out for breakfast to The Diner again – their breakfast menu had been very tempting when we went there for dinner two days earlier. Again, food and service were awesome and we were full from breakfast pretty much all day long. Very great value for your money. Afterwards, we took the tube to Waterloo station, so I could do some yarn shopping at I Knit. I found some beautiful, handdyed silk/sea silk yarn that I couldn’t resist despite the rather high price tag.

Afterwards, we walked towards the London Eye and along the South Bank, were we saw some rather good buskers and some really fun ones.

My son in front of some graffiti in a passage near Waterloo station

The Tate Modern had a fun installation in the turbine hall, all I could convince my son to look at. There was a huge, interconnected construction of metal, which connected the turbine hall to the first gallery and even the outside. On this construction, there were huge swings for three people. It’s meant to symbolize how everything in the world is connected somehow and the swings are to show that we can get much further if we combine our efforts – but mostly it was just fun.

Never too old to have fun on swings… installation at the Tate Modern

After crossing the Thames via the Millennium Bridge, we went to the Lego store, which had huge lines on Monday so we skipped it. They had some awesome Lego constructions there.

Lego dragon
Dragon at the Lego store

Then my son insisted on going to a video game store, and of course the one he googled was in a shopping centre – which I hate to go into. But it was surprisingly empty, so we walked around for a bit before going back to the hotel. Again, I did some people watching while my son was at the hotel and only went back towards evening with some sandwiches, because we weren’t hungry enough to go out for dinner.

Then it was already time to pack our suitcases, and on Friday we headed to the airport, after a last breakfast at our B&B. Once we arrived back home, I was glad to put my feet back up – and even happier to get a good night’s sleep without my blanket-hogging teenager who needs 98% of the available space in bed.

back home
Boarding our flight back home. The hooded figure is my son

Now we’re back home and will return to our usual schedule, which means I will update the blog again with some yarn related content.


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