Weekend question – knitting or crochet?

Weekend question - knitting, crochet or both?

This week I’m curious to hear which is your craft of choice and why.

For me, the answer is definitely both, though I tend to knit more than I crochet. I don’t actually know why that is the case, but maybe I can even it out a bit more in the future. Both are wonderful crafts with different properties, and I love the results I can get from either of them.

Collage various knit items

Knitting often has a lot more drape, so I prefer it for garments and scarves or shawls – unless the shawls have a lot of lace, then crochet is perfect too. The resulting fabric is thinner, which makes it perfect for warm weather. And of course there are so many different techniques that give different looks and fabric qualities – I haven’t even tried all of them yet.

Here are a few things I have knit and really like, in no particular order:

  • Sugar Maple by Carina Spencer, knit with Bunte Wollmaus Verlaufsgarn 4fach in colourway Galaxy
  • Morning Glory by Pam Allen, knit with Lana Grossa Linea Pura Vero in colourway 3/purple
  • Hitofude Cardigan by Hiroko Fukatsu, knit with a Unique Sheep gradient in colourway Arwen’s Cloak on the Green Sheep cotton bamboo base in fingering weight
  • Fire Dragon shawl, designed by me, knit with Cottonflowers Yarns Gradient in colour 100
  • Fair princess’ Fair Isle Gown by Joan Dyer, knit with Drops Belle in navy blue and silver grey
  • Different Tunes scarf by Karen Troyer Ladman, knit with Woll Butt Versailles, which is an inexpensive but very soft acrylic yarn.

Collage various crochet items

As for crochet, with some stitches you get a very dense fabric, which is great for bags or plushies (it keeps the filling inside). Or you can create beautiful, open lace or ruffles much more easily than with knitting. As I said at the beginning both crafts have their advantages and disadvantages and I like to use both in ways that make the most of them. Sometimes, I even combine them, to get the stretch and flexibility of knitting and the easy lace of crochet.

Again, in no particular order of preference, a few things I did crochet:

  • Sheep Lucy by Verena Maskova is a cute plushie that I made a few times in various yarns
  • Evening Delight shawl by Sarah Jane Designs, made with Filace Biagoli Mall in colourway Barolo
  • Muscari Newsboy hat by Elitza Chernaeva, made with Lana Grossa Linea Pura Vero in colourway 3/purple
  • Mademoiselle Gonin ruffled collar, designed by me, which I made in various solid or variegated fingering weights
  • Pearly Pillow by Panka’s Patterns, made with Schewe Baumwolle Classic in black and white
  • Timeless mitts, another design by me that combines knitting and crochet, made with Lotus bamboo soft.

But enough about me!

Do you knit or crochet? Or both? Any particular reasons? Let me know in the comments, please.




6 thoughts on “Weekend question – knitting or crochet?

  1. I mostly crochet, so relaxing and I love to learn about different stitches! I am trying to teach myself to knit, thru friends on Ravelry and thru YouTube Videos.
    All of your work is wonderful!


  2. I’ve crocheted for almost 40 years (after being told by a teacher that I was useless at knitting) until I taught myself to knit almost 2 years ago. I like both fabrics – but I definitely think some items are better in one than the other. But as to which – well it depends upon the yarn, the weight of the yarn & the size of the hook/needles! But I do have to say, I think crochet’s my first love!

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  3. I enjoy crocheting more and it grows faster and is easier to frog 🙂 But I do love knitted stuff so I do that too. At the moment both are taking a distant back seat to spinning though! Maybe the GAL will force me to actually make FOs again…

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