I have been knitting regularly since my son was born, after learning as a kid and never touching it afterwards. Same goes for crochet.

From the start, I sometimes made up my own patterns, and when people asked for them, I began to write them down.

Now most of my crafting time is taken up by working one idea or another that’s popping into my mind and most of them end up here eventually.

Crafting and being creative is such a big part of my life now, I couldn’t live without it anymore. I hope I can give the joy of making things to others with my patterns and would love to see what you create if you use them.

Most of the patterns are for sale, but there will always be something for free too. Especially if I create a design for preemies or something else that is often made for charity.

Keep your eyes open for more patterns, I’m always working on something.

I really hope you like my designs and would love to get some feedback if you used one of the patterns.

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